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Tesla and Rimac are currently the frontrunners in providing new technological potential for the future of cars. Now, the lineup is getting bigger with France startup that wants to join this group of elected representatives, proposing the Hopium Machina, an electric car powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

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If you’ve never heard of Hopium, know that it was founded by former driver Olivier Lombard, Le Mans LMP2 winner in 2011 at just 21 years old, and is part of the Hydrogen Motive Company group – also founded by Lambard –, which is both partner and supplier, as the brand’s first vehicle uses hydrogen as fuel to produce the electricity it needs on board.

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Its first vehicle, called Machina, already had the right to the first functional prototype (Alpha 0), to enable the development of the technology and the vehicle.

Technical details are not abundant, but Hopium has already made it known that its luxury saloon will have more than 500 hp of power, enough for a dynamism that allows it to rival most competitors.

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Electricity is generated onboard using a fuel cell which, with the hydrogen, it carries onboard, is capable of producing energy to travel 620 miles, about 1000 km. To this we must associate the advantage of refilling the hydrogen tanks in just three minutes, to continue the journey.

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Price and Availability

Proof that the market is receptive to these types of proposals, even from small and unknown builders, is that Hopium has already gathered more than 1000 customer reservations for Machina, whose ambition, according to the company, is to “attack Tesla from above”.

The first Machina series units are expected to appear in 2025. The prices should start at 120,000 euros.

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