Gleniti Oasis: A Perfect Balance of Private Personal and Social Spaces

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Located in the southern Canterbury region of New Zealand called Timaru, Gleniti Oasis offers a cozy house within a semi-rural site. This house also shows how a perfect balance can be created between private personal and social space.


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An open plan domain is used and made for this project, especially for entertaining with a state-of-the-art kitchen as the space’s centerpiece. It is also a home with a crisp architectural statement within the Timaru area.



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A sheltered outdoor living and a swimming pool can maximize the house’s external environment, providing the inhabitants with cozy entertaining and gathering areas as well.

The depth alongside sleek white plaster cladding can be added thanks to the Timaru Bluestone cladding details.

It is a home where you can have a balance between your social and private life within your family.


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Photographer: Lightforge Photography

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