Hansen Road House: A Warm, Light, and Open House with Thick Concrete Walls

Hansen Road House 8

The outside and inside vibe of Hansen Road House is different. It looks like an anonymous building from the outside but actually, it is open, light, and warm from the inside. This house is also designed with thick concrete walls to create two sides of the exterior.



Hansen Road House 1

Hansen Road House 2

Hansen Road House 3

Two sides of the house’s exterior can be created thanks to the thick concrete walls. These sides can provide a counterpoint to the copper form and warm wood that takes full advantage of the mountain and site’s water views.

Together with exposed concrete inside, the concrete wall can reduce the costs of energy by serving as a thermal mass. The result is a home with a cool atmosphere in summer and a warm feeling in winter.



Hansen Road House 4

Hansen Road House 5

Hansen Road House 6

Each room inside this house is designed carefully to take full advantage of the surrounding views to provide a comfortable feeling to the residents and create an interesting style. The footprint of the house and a small buildable area on the site can be maximized through the vertical space.



Hansen Road House 7

Hansen Road House 8

Hansen Road House 9

Hansen Road House 10

The close proximity of the house to the street is softened by a stone retaining wall and native landscaping. Facing the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound, the house’s back facade is made up of glazing.

A large deck cantilevers from the home’s structure and the main living space opens out onto this deck to create a connection between inside and outside. The stairs are made of customized blackened steel and wood.

It is a three-story home with tall ceilings that can give inspiration and openness feel to all.


Hansen Road House Gallery

Photography: Roger Turk, Art Grice, Andrew Waits