House in Akitsu: A Concrete House with A Very Special Concrete Spiral Staircase

House In Akitsu 16

It is a special residential project by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates located on a small peninsula with a beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan. House in Akitsu is designed as a concrete house that has a very special concrete spiral staircase.



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The main goal of this residential project is to create a comfortable silence inside a house with a new open atmosphere. It is also a challenge for the architect to keep the openness and provide comfortable silence at the same time.

Two squares that intersect with each other are set in this project plan. A well-balanced interaction between the openings and the wall structure of the house is also carefully considered.



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House In Akitsu 9

House In Akitsu 10

House In Akitsu 11

House In Akitsu 12

The use of short stairs and skipping floors can transform the moving line into a fluid inside this house. The living area and sleeping rooms are connected by these short stairs.

A polished concrete finish in the kitchen and living room can give additional value to this house’s external light.



House In Akitsu 13

House In Akitsu 14

House In Akitsu 15

House In Akitsu 16

The first floor of this house has a lower ceiling than the living room so a more private and cozy feeling can be achieved. On this floor, there is a very special concrete spiral staircase. The thickness of the supporting slab is designed to avoid any necessity for a central pillar.


House in Akitsu Gallery

Photographer: Kazunori Fujimoto

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