La Errería Casa F&M: A Flexible and Open Way Living Space

La Errería Casa F&m 8

Luis Navarro Jover and Carlos Sánchez García of La Errería Architecture Office took the project Casa F&M where the client Fernando and Mireia – thus, Casa F&M – was planning to upsize their living space that is located in Novelda, Spain.

La Errería Casa F&m 7

Settled in a private neighborhood comprised of structures of changing sizes, the Casa F&M is pressed onto a tight plot and is intended to exploit the site conditions and characteristics of the city.

La Errería Casa F&m 8

Casa F&M has three floors. The first floor has a garage and a space for movies and exercise, the second floor has a kitchen and a living room, and a terrace with a garden characteristic of this house. On the third floor, there is a private room and a master room.

La Errería Casa F&m 1

The upper part of the terrace on the second floor is open, so there is nothing hidden in it, so it is good for gardening or enjoying the sunshine. It also has a wall beyond the 2nd floor and is designed to protect privacy.

La Errería Casa F&m 3

The house has been defined on three stories in an adaptable and open manner, interfacing all the floors to one another through the components of vertical flow as well as through the yards.

La Errería Casa F&m 6

The couple was anticipating their first kid when the project started in 2013. Thus, they needed an open and adaptable house to fit their new way of life.

La Errería Casa F&m 5

The proposition reacts to these necessities by organizing the open-plan living spaces around a glass-lined porch. The porch is comprehended as a spine between all the plants, making the visual references that enhance the space the client looked for.

La Errería Casa F&m 4

The main attraction point of the Casa F&M is the facade. The facade of this apartment is isolated into three segments that are each calculated to capitalize on the accessible perspectives and daylight.

La Errería Casa F&m 2

The component is proposed as an expressive component that separates the house from its neighbors, yet in addition, verbalizes the connection between the interior spaces and the general condition.






Photograph : David Frutos