15 Cozy Loft Bedroom Designs

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Each time we search loft bedrooms within the internet, we’re given masses of photos of bedrooms which might be placed within the attic – but while we take a look at for more alternatives, we’re given beds which are quitelots used in dormitories and such. however, we would really like with the intention to take a word that what we can be displaying here more than that just the bedrooms that require you to climb a stairwell or those with the abnormal ceilings.


Each time we search loft bedrooms within the internetwe’re given masses of photos of bedrooms which might be placed within the attic – but while we take a look at for more alternativeswe’re given beds which are quitelots used in dormitories and such. however, we would really like with the intention to take a word that what we can be displaying here more than that just the bedrooms that require you to climb a stairwell or those with the abnormal ceilings.


1. West 2nd Street

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Source: Gaile Guevara Interior Design & Creative

Worldly urban surroundings. The restricted palette of this commercial-style room is a superb for the exciting city view of Vancouver out the window. The oversize map of the world is a good mirrored image of the way international the metropolis has come to be.

2. Cabin in Fitch Bay

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Source: Home Design Lover

Longpré designed the top ground to maximize the space and hold an airy, loft-like experience. The combination headboard and shelving is virtually the returned quit of a walk-in closet.

3. Cold Springs Farm

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Source: Period Architecture Ltd.

You or your dad possibly sweated via an afternoon of constructing a wooden platform, then heaving your mattress on the pinnacle of it so that you should take an additional few ft of ground area. Take that idea to a brand new degree with custom constructed-ins and a simple platform-style bed, included in this setup.

4. Elsie Street

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Source: Rossington Architecture

This bedroom may seem empty because of the restricted decor, however, note the masculinity this bedroom is exuding. We simply like it.

5. Fanciful Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom Designs 12

Source: Faiella Design

Observe the stunning hand-painted vegetation by means of the walls. Also, OSB is usually the below layer or substrate to a hardwood ground or carpeting, but if nicely sealed it makes a completely unique and cheaper flooring fabric.

6. Highbury Fields

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Source: Kia Designs

Lofts oughtn’t to fling you to the sky excessively. This one is simply excessive sufficient to make true use of space with an integrated wardrobe and elevate the bed to a classy primary function.

7. House at Ramat-Hasharon

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Source: Moshi Gitelis

Check out how a whole lot of this space has been positioned to exact use. two beds in a single room however separated with the aid of stairs which is also created for the storage area.

8. Houston Loft

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Source: Content

A custom wardrobe partitions off the view of the bedroom from the bathroom. numerous African fertility statues amassed over the years with the aid of the owner are displayed on the floor.

9. Kellet Residence

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Source: Kelowna Lake Life

The colors are amusing and look in reality playful. We also like the storage inside the stair and the ability to put furnishings beneath it. quite and functional.

10. Michigan Residence

Loft Bedroom Designs 7

Source: Hamilton Snowber Architects

Were you wondering what to do with a small space like this? properly, we suppose that you’d agree that this one way of maximizing the function of the complete area of the room.

11. Mountain Chic

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Source: Abby Hetherington Interiors

Designing rooms to be this exceptional need a lot of expertise, since you get to maximize a lot of areas – the gap above the bed might be an analyzing nook and can sincerely act as other room to sleep in.

12. Parallel to the Sea

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Source: Susanna Cots Interior Design

When an area is an issue, pull out ledges provide a workspace without taking up precious space. This accessible integrated is just proper for a child’s bedroom, and the ledge easily slides returned in while it’s time to play.

13. Transitional Beach House

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Source: Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors

The concept of this adding a nook corner above the bed is superb. It’s an optimal choice in the mean of utilizing of the area and it looks great.

14. Urban Design

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Source: Radius | Architectural Millwork

The overall accent of the space is perfectly suited loft kinda design bedroom, the utilization of space is getting better with the addition of nook on the head of the bed.

15. Vancouver Contemporary Bedroom

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Source: The Sliding Door Company

It can be quite elaborate developing the area with a harmonious shade palette for an open floor plan. This space decked out in white, gray and tender green and blues.