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Cycling speed is the main point to win a race. Unfortunately, we can not really know how fast the bike is moving in order to set the speed properly. Natio comes as a solution that can alter the mean to measure the performance of the bike.

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Setting the speed is a must in order to be able to win a rase or to improve the excitement level in cycling. Natio will help you to change speed into science and turn numbers into techniques. This technology allows you to find a more perfect and steady speed.

This technology calculates the aerodynamic coefficient and performance of the bicycle to go further and faster. You can find the calculated speed through the applications with the latest techniques and technology.

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Calculation of the aerodynamic coefficients and bicycle performance is done in real-time and post-trip so you can go at the right speed. With a weight of 80 grams, Natio will let you know the speed of your bicycle movement which will be very useful for training before participating in a race.

In order to be able to enjoy its usefulness, Natio needs a power meter and an ANT + speed sensor in order to get it to function properly. Natio comes with the dimensions of 136mm x 88mm x 29mm and is capable of processing information every 20 milliseconds.

Notio Aerometer 3

Natio uses a rechargeable Li-Po battery so you don’t need to worry if the battery runs out. At full state, Natio can be used to record up to 12 hours which is quite a long period of time to use when adventuring or riding on the racetrack.

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Natio has a number of integrated sensors, which are pitot tubes, barometers, 3-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscopes, hygrometers, and thermometers. By utilizing this sensor, Natio is able to display various information needed when riding on a bike.

In addition, there are a lot of advanced features that are embedded inside this product to facilitate you in using it, namely ANT + and BLE or Bluetooth Low-Energy. Natio is using advanced technology that comes with several certifications that show its quality.

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Natio Aerometer is ready to assist you in finding the right speed. The product is tagged at $ 950. where inside the package, you will get one Natio unit, micro USB cable, 4 TT fly bar, and 4 max fly bar.

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