Every athlete doesn't have the same sizes and shapes. ActionSleeve Armband becomes the best solution for it. Cameron Massengale for example.

HiRise Duet is made from metal. This material is designed as solid as rock. It makes your iPhone stand better than any plastic stands.

Laptops have evolved into one of the most significant tools for increasing productivity. However, with so many new laptops being released each month, it is tough to pick the suitable one for your necessities. But don't worry: our roundup includes 12 laptops with a wide range of capabilities.

The automotive world is heading towards electrification at a super-fast rate. Tesla's valuation value, which is claimed to have passed several high-end carmakers such as Toyota and VW, has pushed lots of companies to turn towards the hype train.

Elago has presented a stylish case called Elago AT Snapshot Case that not only protects Apple AirPods Pro but also adds an AirTag so that it can be easily tracked down if it is lost. The design was inspired by classic cameras with the AirTag serving as a decorative lens.

Bowers & Wilkins unveiled the latest generation of one of its most iconic speakers, the Zeppelin. Its distinctive design, which resembles the plane of German inventor Ferdinand von Zeppelin, is still preserved, but the inside has been updated to the new standard.

Japanese luxury car manufacturer, Lexus recently launched the 2022 GX 460 which will be the first lineup to get the Black Line Edition variant.

At this year's Apple Event, Apple introduced the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPad mini, Apple Watch Series 7, and also iPad 10.2 ninth-generation.

Apple surprisingly introduced the 6th generation iPad Mini. The table has undergone a major overhaul compared to the iPad Mini 5.

In addition to inaugurating the release of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini duo, Apple also launched the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max series.

Apple has finally inaugurated the presence of its newest smartphone line which is the successor to the iPhone 12. The first two series that were introduced were the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini.

Sonos had previously released a battery-powered product called Sonos Move for portable use, but now the company is releasing another product with almost the same properties called Sonos Roam.