Apple provides two color variations, namely silver and gray space and as the setups go, the customer can choose according to their budget. As for the price, Apple put on a $ 2,399 tag for the cheapest configuration of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Finally, as an external storage media, Strix Arion also offers premium connectivity thanks to the USB Type-C 3.2 interface which is theoretically capable of transferring speeds of up to 10Gbps depending on the SSD components while the backward compatibility options are also provided through USB-C and USB- cables A.

Samsung put on extra feature for the Galaxy Book Flex, that has the extra flexibility. The body of the screen can be rotated up to 360 degrees so that it changes to tablet mode because the QLED screen is also supported by the touchscreen feature.

Another interesting thing about MSI Alpha 15 is the keyboard that already supports Per-Key RGB Gaming Keyboard from Steelseries. In addition to having an attractive appearance, the keyboard on MSI Alpha 15 can be customized RGB features, depending on the needs.

The HP Elite Dragonfly marketing campaign is scheduled to take place on October 25th, while the price range of the business class laptop is starting at $ 1,549.

Logitech comes up with a great product on G603 but the company didn't just stop there and create a whole new dimension of awesomeness through the Logitech G604 wireless gaming mouse that has already available on the market for € 99.99.

Predator Thronos consists of Acer Predator Orion 9000 or Orion 5000 gaming desktop PCs, three Predator Z271 U monitors, Cestus 510 Predator mouse, Predator Galea 300 headset, Predator Aethon 500 keyboard, and customized mousepad.

The Mercury White variant is the most affordable of the three variants tha is being offered by Razer. There are other two variants that is GTX FHD Model and GTX 4K Model.

Creoqode is currently promoting Lyra on Kickstarter. The console is available from $ 180 for the early bird special perks. The estimated delivery time of Lyra is at the end of 2019.

Asus will also provide the Windows 10 Home Original operating system in a sales package which can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. It has a tag of 3 years warranty and is marketed starting from $ 525 for the lowest specs variants.

The overall thickness of the ROG Mothership is about 3 cm, while the weight is only around 4.7 kg. As for the price, Asus put on a tag of $9,999 for their latest product.

In terms of software, the Raspberry Pi 4 will be accompanied by a new operating system, Raspbian Buster. If you are new to this product you can just buy the complete set of the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit which is marketed for $119.95.