Monimal Phone

Minimal Phone

The Minimal Phone is the ultimate choice for those prioritizing efficiency and simplicity in their digital life. It boasts a full QWERTY keyboard, a long-lasting E-Ink display, and runs on the custom MinimalOS. This combination brilliantly balances productivity, security, and user comfort, redefining what we expect from a smartphone.

POC Combo 03

Lenovo Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo

Lenovo has introduced an innovative proof of concept at CES 2024, the Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo, which is set to redefine the way we power our peripherals. This unique product utilizes mechanical movement and solar irradiation to power both a mouse and a keyboard, eliminating the need for external charging. This groundbreaking technology not only enhances user convenience but also aligns with Lenovo’s commitment to sustainable practices.