Pátio do Meco by Fábio Ferreira Neves: The Award Winning with Olive Tree

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 2

Patio do Meco House is an award-winning project designed by Portuguese architect Fábio Ferreira Neves. The property is located on a small hill in the historic center of Aldeia do Meco, in Sesimbra, Portugal with 230 m² area.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 3

The renovation was a long-term project and was the process started in 2012. The process took quite a long time as it was ready in 2018. The overall concept didn’t change but simple alteration did happen during the six years process.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 7

The main purpose of the remodeling was to preserve the complex’s original identity. This was especially true of the image of the main building and the walled courtyard.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 6

At first, there was a house with a patio, some stables, and an old olive tree. Even after the renovation, the project has kept its original identity. The main building was demolished and rebuilt, respecting the location and proportions of the original building.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 5

The main building faces the street. There is also access to the complex and the courtyard. The complex is enclosed by a wall. Four suites have been built against that wall, each with its own bathroom.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 4

These suites have a very abstract and minimal design. The shape and location of the suites are determined by the original olive tree. Each suite has its own terrace. Also notable is the original chimney that connects the main building and one of the suites.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 2

Typical Mediterranean elements such as the well, the roof tiles, and the shady reed, have a prominent place in the patio, which is oriented completely to the south.

Pátio Do Meco By Fábio Ferreira Neves 1

The interior has also been designed with care and attention. Sleek walls, wooden floors, and designer furniture from Eames and Jean Prouvé, among others. Patio do Meco House is now rented out as a holiday home for up to 8 people.


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Photography: Nelson Garrido

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