Pressed Bike: Smart Package of Bike with Removable Battery

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The main goal of LEAOS is about giving a design with a smart passion in it. You can see this kind of design on their awesome bike product called Pressed Bike. This bike is built with a smart package that every biker need, including the removable battery. With the awesome design, Pressed Bike becomes a leader for a bike in the future.


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Pressed Bike has 250 Watt rear wheel motor that can provide you a good performance in speed. The battery is also removable. With 14 kg in weight, this bike will be easy to be moved from one place to another place as you wish.



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When you have Pressed Bike, you can add more available accessories to support the performance and the style of it. You may need to add the mudguards, light system, rack, and also bags. Those accessories will be perfect for you who often searching for a new journey with a bike.



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The thing that makes Pressed Bike is different from another bike is about its smart package. It offers GPS antitheft for the security. You can also connect it to your smartphone app. The code lock and the cloud supervision are completed this smart package.


Technical Specification

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Pressed Bike has a range up to 90 km with 25 km per hours for the maximum speed. With the single speed and reduced digital display, you can have both the best speed and the best style with this bike. The suspension comes from Schwalbe, a professional suspension from North America.



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Pressed Bike is made 100% from Italy with a frame design from Harry Thaler. The frame is designed with a premium ultralight patented design and two presses halves. It has 66 cm in size from 170 cm to 195 cm of the body height. You can specify the size first before you check out this bike.

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