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When Amazon acquired the Ring company last year, many people easily sniffed at the plans behind the acquisition. Ring is a company that made smart doorbell and equipped it with a camera and is connected to a smartphone. Last month the company is releasing a new variant of Ring Stick Up Cam to their exclusive lineup.

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From the nomenclature it carried, it’s also easy to know that this unique device still uses the name of the previous generation. But a number of updates are pinned given that Amazon now has a share in designing technology in it.



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Under Amazon’s control, the latest model of Stick Up Camera has a cylindrical body casing – basically, the case has the same shape as the Echo speakers that are popular on Amazon and the Echo Sub which has just announced – and comes with two color variants: black and white.


New Features

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Designed flexibly for indoor and outdoor, the device has almost the same functionality, such as cameras with the ability to detect motion, resolution up to 1080p FHD, night vision, two-way communication, sirens and a new addition to the ability to connect to other new Amazon devices such as Alarm Ring and Alexa.

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Users can also stream video in real time from the Ring in smartphone application to check what’s happening around the house and with two-way audio communication, the stream now has a crystal-clear HD display.

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The previous generation, Ring Stick Up Cam can withstand temperatures between -5 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s quite bearable, but unfortunately Amazon hasn’t revealed whether they are getting an increase in endurance or not.


Two Available Version

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In addition to the two colors, the Ring Stick Up Camera has two versions: a cable version that is connected to an outlet and has a Power of Ethernet (POE) and with a battery that can be placed in a location far from electricity.

Both can be used in indoor and outdoor, but battery-powered models are equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that is easily removable and recharged. Amazon has not provided details about the duration of battery usage.

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Ring Stick Up Cam Wired version is scheduled to hit the market on October 18 at prices around $ 180, while the new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery model follows in December with the same price tag.

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