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Valve officially introduced the Steam Deck that takes the handheld concept so that it can be taken on the go. At first glance, there is a strong resemblance to the Switch console from Nintendo but the control section of the Steam Deck undetachable.

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Valve teamed up with AMD to create a custom APU in this handheld console dubbed the Zen 2 architecture processor plus RDNA 2 graphics, which is capable of handling the latest AAA quality games.

As a handheld console that can be used by mobile, the Steam Deck is equipped with a 7-inch touch screen (720p resolution). Using Steam UI-based software from Linux. The screen size is even bigger than the Nintendo Switch (6.2 inches) and Switch Lite (5.5 inches).

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Valve also provides interesting components on both sides of the screen, where the function keys are located. The customer can see the existence of two joypads which are commonly used as navigation buttons. There is also a trackpad that Valve has prepared for playing FPS games. As well as the gyro feature to support the motion function in the game.

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For wider functionality, Valve includes a dock so gamers can play it with an additional joystick. The handheld gaming console is also bragging the capability of connecting to the television just like a console device.

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Price and Availability

Although it has been officially announced, Valve will only be starting to sell the Steam Deck in December 2021. The console will hit the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union before the rest of the world in early 2022.

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In terms of pricing, in addition to the opening figure of $ 399 for the base specifications accompanied by 64GB eMMC memory devices.

Valve has also prepared two other variants to choose from. The medium model is utilizing 256GB of NVMe memory, is marketed for $529 while the highest echelon model with 512GB of NVMe memory will retail for $649.

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