Strandhus: A Private, Modern Retreat with A Primary Landscape Element

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Located in Lido Shores, Strandhus is a major renovation to a 1950s home completed by Sweet Sparkman Architects. The brief of the house’s owners is to create a private, modern retreat. Water is the primary landscape element in this house.



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The main program of this project is renovating a 1950s home into a private, modern retreat. The result is a cozy retreat that can integrate landscape and architecture into a harmonious whole. It is a perfect place for the owners to enjoy the aesthetic architecture of the house and the beautiful surrounding landscape.



Strandhus 4

Strandhus 5

Strandhus 6

The primary landscape element of this project is water, used to blend the exterior and interior spaces of the house. The original home’s existing footprint is also preserved so the design allows the primary living spaces of the house to be located on the ground floor.

The west courtyards connect with the east courtyards through the interior gathering spaces and landscape rooms.



Strandhus 7

Strandhus 8


Strandhus 10


It is an award-winning project that got the Florida Association of AIA: Merit Award of Excellence for Renovations and Additions in 2014.


Strandhus Gallery

Images Source: Sweet Sparkman Architects

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