Suntro House: A Modern House with A Transparent Area and Awesome Views

Suntro House 8

Completed in 2007 by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, Suntro House is a modern house that sits in a place of exceptional natural beauty in Oaxtepec. The habitable spaces in this house are placed in a transparent area and awesome views of the surrounding nature can be enjoyed from this area.


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This house sits in a residential area that is contiguous to the south with a highway and to the north with the hill of Tepozteco. It is also an area that is oriented to the northeast with beautiful views of the Tepozteco.

Through the folds of the house, the natural light is filtered in the shape of rays that flood the house spaces softly. The interior is animated by the shadows and reflects on ceilings and walls.



Suntro House 6

Suntro House 7

Suntro House 8

Suntro House 9

Suntro House 10

The house’s shape is made to respond to the site’s hard hotness, placing every house’s space inside of a curved skin. This skin opens to the immediate context to get the best views, allowing the wind to enter the house and cooling the air inside.

An unevenness is presented by the topography while the organization in a clear division can be found on the ground floor of the house. Through an inner-outer circulation, the dormitories can be connected with the lower floor.



Suntro House 11

Suntro House 12

By placing the different habitable spaces in a transparent area can allow the users to move without obstacles in a fluid space. There is also a volume floating over the dining and living room. It is a house with the best function to adapt to the climate of the site and good circulation to cool the air inside the house.


Suntro House Gallery

Photography: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

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