SUPER73-S1: Rugged Utility Urban Cruiser

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It seems like the market for electric bikes is getting more and more crowded nowadays. However, there are certain brands that fill the measurements of a proper urban cruiser. It can be said that the SUPER73-S1, which has the performance and reputation of the S1 Universal Electric Motorbike, is a fine example of this.

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The SUPER73-S1 is perfect for beginners, but it also serves the purpose of urban and suburban adventures on two wheels very well. The battery on the SUPER73-S1 is highly efficient and smoothly accelerates to an impressive top speed of 8 km / h, which is more than enough for all the urban trips and adventures.

To sum up another way, The SUPER73-S1is a legal, long-range electric bicycle, without a license or registration. It is an exclusive vehicle for day-to-day or weekend transportation, with a high-power LED headlight, rear brake light, and sturdy cargo rack.

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The electric bikes are designed for the rider’s comfort, with its natural riding position and plush motorcycle seat. It was designed to accommodate riders from 145cm to 206cm in height and has 4 ”wide and wide tires to ensure a smooth ride.

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Its compact size means that you can walk and park anywhere that a bicycle. In addition, it easily fits in a car or train for the daily commute. Its look is minimalist and retro, almost looking like a bicycle, but with the highly technological power of a cutting-edge electric motorcycle.

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The battery of the SUPER73-S1 lasts about 72 km and, if the battery runs out during a ride, the bike works like a regular bicycle. Its sturdy tires and wheels have extra protection and cushioning for rough roads. The rider can simply plug the bike into an electrical outlet so that it is fully charged.

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The steel frame carries a 750-watt engine, with a 48V 14.5 Ampere battery. SUPER73-S1 weighs only 35 kg and the electric bike is included in the Class 2 category. As for the braking, the California-based company put on a Tektro hydraulic discs front and rear.

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In addition to the standard variant that comes in four shades of color that are marketed for $1,800, the SUPER73-SI also issued a special release used by Cal Crutchlow to get around in the pit of the LCR MotoGP team. In front, there is a logo and a start number for Cal Crutchlow, as well as the Monster Energy Drink green frame color.

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