TONAL: The Silicon Valley Way of Getting Ripped

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Becoming healthier is the dream of many people, with very complicated conditions nowadays, the trend of joining a fitness club to become more fit is something that has become hype lately. But not all of us have time to visit the fitness club but worry not, the engineers in Silicon Valley have found a solution that is not only intelligent but also revolutionary.

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Introducing Tonal, the first-ever personalized digital weight system with interactive video workouts that are powered by machine learning. Tonal is like having a personal trainer and an entire gym in the convenience of your home.

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Hailing from Apple, IDEO, GoPro, Nest, and Fitbit, the engineer and designer at Tonal has made a minimalist, wall-mounted quality framework that consolidates smooth equipment with on-request customized instructing.


Core Strength

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Quality preparing is basic to all that make Tonal the answer to your daily workout need regardless of whether you are conveying basic supplies, attempting to shed pounds, or expanding your athletic capabilities.

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While the benefits of strength training are well understood, the space required for traditional equipment is more than most homes can accommodate, and the knowledge required to effectively strength train is held primarily by experts such as trainers and coaches.

With Tonal, you can get personalized expert-led programs around your schedule and goals whether you are just getting started or taking your fitness to the next level.


How Tonal Works

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Here’s how Tonal works:

  • Set Your Goals + Take the Fitness Assessment: Your first time using Tonal, set your fitness goals and then Tonal will guide you through an assessment to measure your baseline strength. The baseline is used to personalize workouts, recommend programs, and automatically dial the ideal weight for each move.
  • Suggested Programs + Elite Coaching: Based on your baseline and goals, Tonal will recommend the ideal programs and workouts for you. Hundreds of hours of expert coaching, with a variety of personalities and styles, guide you through multi-week programs based on your goals, with different exercises each day to maximize results. Try stand-alone workouts with a variety of coaches, or choose a program and a coach that’s right for you, and switch as often as you like.
  • Measurement + Intelligence: Using machine learning, Tonal automatically measures your reps, sets, a range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume, so you can systematically see your progress and review your stats in real time. A Free Lift Mode even allows you to build your own workouts and Tonal will remember your weight from set to set.
  • Advanced Features + Digital Weight: Tonal’s digital weights measure and respond to you. If you’re struggling to complete a rep, its sensors automatically take over and adjust the weight so you can finish your set. A simple button-push of the smart handles turns the weight on and off so you can load weight once in position for an exercise.

Tonal has streamlined the training you need by concocting another classification: advanced weights. Fueled by an electromagnetic obstruction motor controlled by a calculation, instead of substantial metal plates and gravity, Tonal’s first-of-a-kind advanced weights give smooth and exact weight in single weight and supplant a whole exercise with hardware.

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The retail price of the Tonal system is $2,995 with a content & data subscription for $49 per month. It competitively priced relative to elite gym memberships, legacy equipment, and personal training sessions.

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