Triumph Rocket 3: The Ultimate High Performance Muscle Roadster is Here.

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Rocket Triumph 3 has quite a long history. As a motorcycle with a large engine capacity, the product has its own charm and this time Triumph Motorcycle has officially introduced Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT.

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The size of the engine has become a mainstay of motorcycles from the British land. Triumph Rocket 3 is fitted with a 3-cylinder DOHC engine with 2,500 cc. On paper, the motorbike is able to produce 164.9 hp @ 6,000 rpm.

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This figure is up 11% from the previous generation. While peak torque reaches 221 Nm at 4,000 rpm engine speed. Of course, the note applies to both types Rocket 3 GT and Rocket 3 R.

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Besides that, the Triumph Rocket 3 GT 2020 presents the latest engine performance, technology, and features as well as an extraordinary level of comfort.

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Rocket 3 R is at the forefront of its class with the latest Triumph style roadster and its muscular yet high-performance design that makes it suitable for riders with an active riding style.

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The Triumph Rocket 3 R has a touring design that is more comfortable to ride during long distance riding. It can be seen from the position of the handlebars that are higher and stepping foot forward. At the rear seat, there is also a roadster style design that is given a small backrest.

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Rocket 3 GT has a design that is more sporty than the Rokcet 3 R model. The sporty appearance can be felt from the coloring of the full black rim, coupled with the footstep position which is more backward. There are a number of revisions to the rear pillion seat, which makes the rear seat position higher.

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Some features of Rocket 3 riding modes are (Rain / Road / Sport / Rider-configurable) which can be selected easily via the switch on the left.

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To support the needs of touring, these motorbikes are also equipped with a Triumph TFT Connectivity System using a Bluetooth module. In addition, the hydraulic clutch also eases the trip.

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In addition, all the lights are already using LEDs, especially the classic but modern round headlights with LED complete with DRL.

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Triumph also provides Rocket 3 with an instrument cluster such as a second-generation TFT screen, which is more functional, Cornering ABS and optimized Traction Control, Hill Hold Control, Cruise Control, Keyless ignition, steering lock, standard hand heaters in the GT model, USB charging socket, and Triumph Shift Assist.

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As for the color option, the Rocket 3 GT has a Silver Ice and Storm Gray with a Red Strip Corrosion. Whereas Rocket 3 gets Corrosion Red and Phantom Black colors. The latest update of the Rocket 3 is marketed starting from $21,900.

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