UAZ SGR Expedition: Ready for Anything!

Uaz Sgr Expedition 6

It is known that the iconic field van UAZ Van 2206 (so-called Buchanka) and its various variants are produced in a modernized form to this day. Now there is another special edition, directly looking at expeditionary travel and life in the wilderness.


The new UAZ SGR Expedition model still looks like a pensioner in which the hi-tech modern off-road tools of other carmakers are not equal, however, simplicity is, of course, beautiful and desirable in this case.

The SGR Expedition is recognizable at first glance compared to the standard design. The front part is complemented by a massive tubular frame in matt black, which is attached to the strength bumper.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 2

It is additionally supplemented by a winch where the strength bumper also moved back. SGR Expedition was also equipped with an expedition garden accessible by a ladder and a full-fledged spare wheel on the rear subframe.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 5

The decent basis of the delivery with 4×4 drive, ladder frame, and rigid axles was further embellished with the necessary accessories.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 6

For driving in difficult terrain, durable off-road tires BF Goodrich with dimensions 225/75 R16 fitted on black painted steel rims come in handy. The lock on the rear differential will also come in handy.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 8

The ground clearance at the lowest point of the chassis is 205 mm and the approach angles are 30 ° at the front and 27 ° at the rear. The car can safely cross a ford half a meter deep. An additional tank for 27 liters of petrol, which complements the original 50-liter tank, is certainly suitable for expeditions.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 3

The carmaker also boasts comfortable equipment. This equipment includes a unified key for all door locks and ignition, as well as seat upholstery with contrast stitching and water-repellent impregnation and, what is important during an expedition to Siberia, the front seats are heated.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 1

The folding table, located between the swivel seats in the second row, is also part of the spacious interiors. For  Europeans that used to modern cars, the folding table may be funny, but Russia is still a little different.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 4

The UAZ SGR Expedition packed four-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 2.7 liters, an output of 82.5 kW (112 hp) and a torque of 198 Nm that are connected to the all-wheel-drive with a five-speed manual transmission and two-speed reduction.

Uaz Sgr Expedition 7

The maximum speed of the expedition “Buchanka” is around 127 km / h with an oil average consumption rate of 11.2 l / 100 km.

The SGR Expedition is only available in two color options, military olive green, and signals orange. The marketed price of the car starts at 974,900 rubles (~ $13,200).

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