A Dream House: A Wooden House with An Impressive Living Staircase

A Dream House 4

Completed in 2018 by Soken Home, A Dream House is a family house designed for Mr. H and his family. It is a wooden house located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. An impressive living staircase in the center of the house symbolizes the unity of the family.


A Dream House 1

A Dream House 2

A Dream House 3

The design of this house is all about “simple”, “white”, “modern”, and “wooden house”. A floor plan for this house is designed to fulfill the traffic line that can shorten housework. This floor plan allows you to go straight to the washroom, laundry room, and bath.



A Dream House 4

A Dream House 5

The owner’s favorite is the living staircase in the center of the house. The living room is brightened by the lighting that shines through the atrium.

The living stairs look impressive with wood grain steps, railing, and black irons. A tatami mat is also added to the living for a warmer atmosphere.

A built-in bookshelf in the closet is used to store shoes.

The design and materials of the LIF series are combined to create a modern and simple look for this house.

Photography: Soken Home

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