Biscuit House: A Two-Floor House with A Wood Curtain

Biscuit House 1

Completed in 2008 by AUM Pierre Minassian, Biscuit House is a two-floor house located in a small village in the area of Lyon, France. The structure of the house is made of two different materials: steel and concrete, while the wood curtain is the house’s specificity.


Biscuit House 1

Biscuit House 2

Biscuit House 3

This house is made of glass, steel, and concrete while the structure is made of concrete and steel. There are two floors that have direct access to the garden. Steel is used for the window frames and pillars, concrete for the floors and the envelope, and untreated exotic wood for the external curtain.



Biscuit House 4

Biscuit House 5

Biscuit House 6

There is a large opening on the first floor that enables daylight to reach the house’s ground floor.

The house specificity is the wood curtain that is composed of shapes named ‘biscuits” by the first French magazine that published the house.

The ‘day’ rooms are located downstairs while bedrooms can be found upstairs. There are also huge French windows that open to the garden to create a feeling that the garden is part of the house and a feeling of continuity between inside and outside.

Photography: AUM Pierre Minassian

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