Blue House by BETA Office: an expression of the hyper-personal

Blue House By Beta Office 4

The center issue that the spectacularly exceptional Blue House by BETA Office expects to address is the path to the Build-it-Yourself (BIY) plots that turned into a very well known concept during the downturn years in Netherland.

Set inside an area of Buiksloterham that doesn’t feel mixed with any other region, this brilliant blue house stands apart outwardly in the unbiased modern urban scene.

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The new type of urban improvement in Amsterdam prompts the era of experimentation in house typology, which has exhibited individual inclinations in a spatial association, unique exteriors with mixed urban scenes.

The Blue House is a proper answer that pays tribute to this condition and simultaneously scrutinizes it.

Blue House By Beta Office 7

Designed by the BETA office for architecture and the city with the help of contributors, the house feels like an outflow of the character on the outside but once you step in, there is a sure feeling of indifferent intrigue that one basically can’t deny!

Blue House By Beta Office 2

Enormous openings in the front and back façade balance the natural light, while the overall space is shaped by the versatility of the kitchen and flight of stairs. Notwithstanding the haptic steel networks, all surfaces are dematerialized and carefully assembled.

Blue House By Beta Office 3

Regardless of its blue appearance on the outside, the inside is to a great extent hung in white and wood with just striking flight of stairs that bringing a lavish expenditure of shading. A work style railing adds much more textural excellence to the cleaned space while accents of pink add polish to the living region.

Blue House By Beta Office 4

Sitting over an office territory, the inside feels like one ceaseless space that has been part of a few distinct levels for more noteworthy usefulness and a keen outline of explicit rooms. A lot of natural light and savvy present-day interior total a home that is just simply unique and astonishing.


Photograph: Marcel van der Burg, Ossip van Duivenbode (aerial photo)

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