Bull Path: A Big Modern House with A Pair of Two-Storey Volumes

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Located in East Hampton, New York, Bull Path is a residential project of a 6,200-square-foot house by BMA Architects. It is a big modern house with a pair of two-storey volumes oriented in an offset ‘T’ configuration.



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This project is located in East Hampton on a long, two-acre site. The site is sloped steeply along the eastern property line. The area is heavily wooded with mature pine trees, offering the house an awesome nature to enjoy.



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At the approach to the house, large walls of floating stone panels are incorporated to provide privacy to the street and guest parking and create a level of monumentality as well. A pair of two-story volumes can be found behind these panels.

This house has a two-story glass entry link that can frame the stunning distant views around the property. There is also a 12-foot by 75-foot reflecting/swimming pool outside.

The offset ‘T’ configuration can cradle the play lawn and built outdoor spaces, maximizing daylight and southern exposure too.



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An open-plan living room, dining room, and kitchen are located on the east/west volume at the ground level. The master suite can be found on the second floor.

An outdoor living and dining space in the column-free leg of the north/south volume is sheltered from the elements by the children’s bedrooms on the second floor. A fifty-five-foot beam that rests on a single ‘super column’ supports this wing.

The above-grade program is completed with a family den, home office, and guest suite.



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An extensive subterranean level in this house extends beyond the first two floors’ footprint. It is a lower level that houses more lively and boisterous activities for the inhabitants with garden space, a terrace, and a patio.

There is also a home bar, game room, home theater, gym, and playroom for children. The home bar opens onto a private patio.


Bull Path Gallery

Photography: MARCO RICCA

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