Ca l’Amo by Marià Castelló Architeure: Generate an Iconic Landscape of the Countryside of Ibiza

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 8

Ca l’Amo is located at the end of terraced farmland at the border between the flat and low regions in the southwest of the San Mateo Forest. The 42,385m² space completed the astonishing transformation by the team from Marià Castelló Architeure.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 9

Before the house was built, it had two dry stone walls and uneven ground. The architect tried to build a new volume using functional programs and free space that originally existed on the site while leaving the rest of the area in their natural state.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 8

Simply put, the Ca l’Amo by Marià Castelló Architeure has 5 distinct volumes. The spaces between the separated volumes are used as meeting spaces and service spaces and are also spaces where the owner can look outside. These empty spaces help to circulate air and help natural ventilation.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 5

Three of the four attached volumes are spaces that can be used by families, and the fourth volume is an open space, a space that avoids the sun and creates shade while being an external space.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 4

The fifth volume is located away from other volumes because it is an independent annex for guests. The space between the fourth and fifth volumes is used as a swimming pool, relaxation area, and social activity space.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 3

The length of the five volumes is aligned with the terrace provided between the residential spaces, and with this space arrangement, the Ca l’Amo blends with the surrounding landscape.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 2

Besides, wood and breathable dry construction systems were also used to harmonize with the surrounding environment. CLT (Counter-Laminated Wood) panels are used for structures, fences, and finishing materials, and can create a comfortable and warm space with an overall unified feel.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 1

The arrangement of the wide-open space allows for smooth ventilation. The longitudinal section where the opening and patio are concentrated is finished with a large-shaped panel.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 7

All interior finishes, pool covers, and terraces are made of different natural limestone. The wood used for the exterior wall of the building was laminated to look like the surrounding trees.

Ca L'amo By Marià Castelló Architeure 6

The eco-friendly design was also applied to the house. The openings arranged in a row help natural ventilation and air circulation to occur throughout the building, and the natural forest surrounding the building creates shade and makes this place cooler.




Photography: Marià Castelló Architeure

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