Epique by SAOTA: A Contemporary Residential Development with Timeless Luxury

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It is a multi-residential project located in Bodrum, Turkey, with 136 000 m in size. Epique is designed by SAOTA that sits on the prestigious coast of Yalikavak. This project is a contemporary residential development that provides a sense of timeless luxury.


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This contemporary residential development on the prestigious coast of Yalikavak. It redefines the concept of “personal luxury”, especially in this region. Epique provides modern villas designed to give a sense of timeless luxury, a perfect place for people to relax in the prestigious coast area.



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There are 75 luxury private villas in this project. These villas are designed with a specific emphasis on integration into its awesome surrounding landscape and to capture the sense of timeless luxury. They also have elated clubhouse facilities, a dedicated beach, and share the beautiful peninsula with a marina.

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There is also an outdoor dining area where people can enjoy their meals and stunning views at the same time. A big swimming pool is also offered for those who want to swim and enjoy the views. The greeneries and big trees around the villas can give fresh air around and also beautify the exterior appearance.


Epique Gallery


Photography: SAOTA

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