Fisker Ocean: A clean future for all.

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Henrik Fisker, the founder of Fisker Inc recently provide teaser pictures a view of another electric model from its company. The SUV with the name Ocean is to come as a mass-production model in the second half of 2021 on the market.

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The information on the Fisker Ocean is still quite sparse. The model is to come with a lithium-ion battery with at least 80 kWh on the market. The range is up to 300 miles, about 480 kilometers. Two electric motors drive the front and rear of the axle of the SUV, thus forming the four-wheel drive.


A roof equipped with solar modules will provide additional energy, alone with it the ocean capability that is supposed to travel 1,600 kilometers per year. Overall, the e-SUV measures 4.64 meters in length.

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As for the interior, Fisker promises an open-air feeling for the passengers at the touch of a button, without jeopardizing the structure and safety of the body. The e-SUV is to offer the passengers a lot of space.


The driver receives a head-up display and an intuitive user interface for controlling the infotainment and comfort systems. In addition, the company is developing a concierge service system for personal service and vehicle maintenance.

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The interior also uses sustainable materials, the cabin of the Fisker Ocean is decorated with recycled carpets made from regenerated nylon, there are vegan components made from 100% polyurethane polycarbonate with reinforced Rayon, and Dinamica “eco-suede” made from recycled polyester. and certain plastics.

Visually, the teaser images do not give much information about proportions and overall styling. You can see a massive front with a large grill and narrow headlight units and a contoured bonnet. A small, rather high-mounted radar system behind glass is housed in the front.

Fisker Ocean 7

Strongly issued wheel arches give the electric SUV a muscular appearance. For a surcharge, Fisker even offers 22-inch alloy wheels. The lateral window line rises towards the C-pillar. The C-pillar itself integrates the turn signals.

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The pre-orders process has now been opened. As an entry price, Fisker announces that its e-SUV will be marketed under $ 40,000.  The first models will go to customers in 2022. As a deposit for a reservation, Fisker demands $ 250.

Final purchase prices are not mentioned, but different leasing models. For example, customers should be able to receive full service for just under $ 3,000 in basic payments and $ 379 per month and drive up to 30,000 miles per year.


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