Garden House: A Narrow House with A Natural Green Garden

Garden House 2

The dimensions of this house’s land are narrow with  4 meters (w) x 40 meters (l) in size. It becomes the main challenge for Ho Khue Architects to design it. Completed in 2016, the design solutions for Garden House can create two separate blocks with a natural green garden.


Garden House 1

Garden House 2

Garden House 3

The challenges and key elements in this project are related to the ratio of the width and length that affect the house’s ventilation and natural lighting. The two separate blocks are connected by beautiful bridges through corridor landscapes.

The centralized open garden area of the house allows ventilation and breathing throughout the house to provide natural light into all rooms. The facade is covered by planter boxes and trees while rustic tiles and concrete slabs are stacked together near growing trees to reduce noise and dust from the street.



Garden House 4

Garden House 5

The family room and the master bedroom of the parent are connected by the third-floor garden space. The central core garden can be accessed through a path that is quiet, cool, and peaceful. Natural light and cooling air in this house can provide ideal living conditions.

The design solution and idea of this house include a 4th-floor space with an open “sky garden”. This “garden” is planted with lush grass and tall tree, putting a green space into a townhouse in a cramped area.

The house’s entire roof is also planted with flowers and clean vegetables to provide flowers and food for the family. It is a rooftop garden that can reduce heat radiation and home heating.



Garden House 6

Garden House 7

The back wall of the house’s rear stairs is built using the architect’s brickwork with small vents to prevent rain from entering the house and provide ventilation as well. The facade of this house is also cool and dry, providing natural light.

A beautiful and strong surface can be achieved by using environmentally friendly materials like plantings, natural stone, concrete slabs, and unburned brick.

For the doors and windows, YKKap Green Certified Windows and Doors products are used throughout the house.


Green House Gallery

Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki

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