Google Nest Hub Max: Big Help for Your Busy Home

Google Nest Hub Max 2

Google just announced that they would start marketing the Google Home product line under Nest branding. One very close example is the Google Home Hub, which has now been renamed the Nest Hub.

Google Nest Hub Max 5

At the same time, Google also revealed a more smart speaker display, the Nest Hub Max. As the name implies, it is a bigger version of the Nest Hub. While the Nest Hub packs a 7-inch touch screen, the Nest Hub Max carries a 10-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800.

The larger body means the Hub Max is more capable in giving the best audio performance, and it has embedded a pair of 18 mm tweeters with an output of 10 W, accompanied by a 75 mm subwoofer with 30 W. Output.

Google Nest Hub Max 2

Hub Max packs also pack a 6.5-megapixel front camera with a viewing angle of 127 degrees. Video call is definitely one of its uses, and Google doesn’t forget to include the auto-framing feature so that its users are always positioned in the middle of the screen frame during the video conversation.

Google Nest Hub Max 3

Another interesting feature is the presence of a camera that can make the Hub Max be able to function as a surveillance camera for a room when its users are outside their home. Just like the surveillance cameras, everything can be monitored remotely via a companion application on a smartphone.

Google Nest Hub Max 4

But the most interesting is a feature called Face Match. Before this, Nest Hub had already offered the Voice Match feature, where the integrated Google Assistant will be able to recognize the voices of different individuals and respond more specifically. Face Match has a similar function, but what is recognized is not the sound, but the face.

Google Nest Hub Max 1

So after going through the face recognition process and the data is stored securely on the device, users can immediately enjoy the Face Match feature. Every time a user moves to Hub Max, the camera will recognize it, then the device will display information specific to that individual; whether it’s a daily agenda, navigation guides or other info.

Google Nest Hub Max 6


In the United States, the Nest Hub Max will be marketed starting next summer for $ 229. Google is also planning to expand the market to more countries in Asia and Europa very soon.

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