House L-C: A Composition of Three Cubes and Varying Roof Heights

House L C 5

Located in Anzegem, Belgium, House L-C is a private house designed by GRAUX & BAEYENS Architecten. It is a semi-open house created due to the trapezium shape of its plot. The design of this house consists of varying roof heights and three cubes.


House L C 1

House L C 2

House L C 3

House L C 4

The plot of this project is an empty plot on a village road, situated on the transition from a typical piece of Flemish ribbon development to a detached, ‘belle époque’ – architecture. Due to this kind of plot, it is necessary to have a house with a design that can create a fluent transition.

The architect also needs to find a creative solution because the shape of the plot is a trapezium. Thus, a semi-open house is created that begins on the street side and opens up to the back area of the plot.



House L C 5

House L C 6

House L C 7

House L C 8

In relation to the plot boundary, the side facade is staggered because of the neighbor’s proximity and the narrow, construction-free, garden strip. Instead of a monotonous, an animated, second
‘street façade’ is created.

The movement of the facade is zigzag, allowing the development of a side garden to be a full addendum to the house.



House L C 9

House L C 10

House L C 11

House L C 12

The rectangular spaces consist of a living room, kitchen, and office which are connected with their corners. This can create a mutual relationship that is accentuated by concrete beams. These beams support the roof and upper level of the house.


House L-C Gallery

Photographer: Jeroen Verrecht