Jindal House by SCDA Architects: A Residential Complex with Grand yet Understated Architecture

Jindal House By SCDA Architects 5

It is a residential complex that comprises a series of family buildings. Jindal House is designed by SCDA Architects that set within the prestigious Lutyen’s Delhi, India. The architecture in this residential project is grand yet understated and there are only two elements that comprise the main palette throughout the complex.


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The symbolic heart of this residential complex becomes a common recreational gathering for the multi-generational family that clustered around a central sunken water court. There is also a meandering exterior corridor that connects pavilions and sub-courtyards, engaging the inner courtyard with a variety of landscapes and awesome views.



Jindal House By SCDA Architects 4

Jindal House By SCDA Architects 5

Walkways, landscape features, and a uniform white granite stone form wall planes are articulated with variations in pattern and finish to add more details and intricacy. In a lighter juxtaposition, weathered timber is used for rafters, screens, and columns to provide a warmer atmosphere.

The residence in this complex is weaved within a crafted landscape that balances formal lawns and courtyards with horse-riding facilities and also a curated variety of lushly planted spaces.


Jindal House Gallery


Photography: SCDA Architects

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