La Mira Ra: A Big House with Green Roof Terraces

La Mira Ra 19

Sits on the heights of a private estate in France, La Mira Ra is a residential project designed by AUM Pierre Minassian. Green roof terraces allow the house to easily blend naturally into the surrounding landscape.



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Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, this house is one of the favorite projects by the architect. Nesting in the Mediterranean landscape with discretion, this opens to the awesome views of the sea below and the vegetation surrounding.



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The simple construction is shown by the refined volumes and the chosen raw materials: steel, glass, concrete, and stone. This construction results in minimalism that hide the technical complexity. The house can blend into the landscape easily thanks to the green roof terraces.



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The suite of the owner is located on the ground floor of the house. There are also reception rooms that are wide open to each other. Other bedrooms can be found upstairs with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.


La Mira Ra Gallery

Photographer: Erick Saillet