May Grove House: A New House with Operable Perforated Shutters

May Grove House 6

May Grove House offers an opportunity to rethink the suburban home with a modest budget. It is a new house located in South Yarra, Victoria with 190 sqm of the gross floor area. On the upper level, there are operable perforated shutters that can control ventilation and expose views.


May Grove House 1

May Grove House 2

May Grove House 3

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The front elevation of the house eschews the high fence while the upper level features operable perforated shutters. A singular open plan volume contains a dining space, living space, and kitchen. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms can be found on a smaller upper level. There is also a large central void that connects the two volumes.



May Grove House 6

May Grove House 7

The material palette in this project includes timber, raw cement sheet panels, and recycled red brick. The void is surrounded by a sheer curtain to ensure that shadow and light can offer an ephemeral internal experience.

There are multiple functions of the operable shutters: engaging with the street, providing privacy, gaining solar access, controlling ventilation, and exposing views. In the evenings, the glowing perforations can create a playful and vibrant entry forecourt and animate the house facade as well.



May Grove House 8

May Grove House 9

A series of perforated operable shutters, a steel blade sunshade, and double glazing are used to control the heat gain. A central void of this house acts as a natural thermal chimney to rise the hot air and be flushed via cross-flow ventilation.

With insulation levels, the thermal mass from the exposed ground floor slab can regulate the internal environment in winter and summer.


May Grove House Gallery

Photographer: Peter Clarke

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