MP House: A New Family House with High Privacy and Good Ventilation

MP House 35

Designed by I Like Design Studio, MP House is a transformation project of an old house into a new family house located in Thailand. With a compact area inside and not too many windows or voids, this house still can provide high privacy with good ventilation.



MP House 1

MP House 2

MP House 3

MP House 4

MP House 5

Before the demolition, this house was an old house of the owner who lived with their parents since a child. In order to support the family in the future, this house is demolished to build a new one. A small house is the main requirement of the owner.



MP House 6

MP House 7

MP House 8

MP House 9

MP House 10

Each room inside this house is designed as a compact area. This house doesn’t have a lot of windows or voids because the owner doesn’t want to feel the heat inside the house from the sun’s rays. The result is a house with high privacy and good ventilation.

The compact area is divided into two parts.

The first part is the owner’s residence which consists of a Thai kitchen, pantry, dining room, and living room on the first floor. On the second floor, there is a music room, working room, kid bedroom, and master bedroom.

The second part is designed for guests or parents who visited, separate from a house and connected by a common area.



MP House 11

MP House 12

MP House 13

MP House 14

MP House 15

Due to the owner’s requirement in cutting off the external context, the view and an enclosed space inside the house are created by adding an open top roof space, tree, and pond. This way allows the air and rain to flow easily through the enclosed area.

It is also about creating a natural atmosphere in the middle of the house and good circulation inside the house where a “natural court” can be seen from every room.


MP House 16

MP House 17

MP House 18

MP House 19

MP House 20

There is a terrace in the outdoor area for relaxing activities. This outdoor area can be used as a kid’s room or a connected living room. A balcony above and a garden are accessible by a floating steel staircase.

The design of the garden and deck on the second floor is focused on privacy. These two areas are designed to be a high wall enclosed space. Next to this enclosed space is a master bedroom.


MP House Gallery

Photographer: Soopakorn Srisakul

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