nanoFlowcell QUANT 48VOLT: Powerful. Save. Environmentally sound.

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The competition for environmentally friendly cars is getting more competitive. Now there is a sports car armed with hydrogen power. The car called the Quant 48 VOLT was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show. The fourth concept car made by NanoFlowcell is capable of spitting out 760 horsepower, using the All Wheel drive system.

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In terms of the appearance, you never need to doubt about it because we can be sure that this concept car will have the best design capable of splitting the wind well thanks to the best aerodynamic system that helps reduce the drag motion.


Power and Distance

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The Liechtenstein company developed a new type of fuel. The batteries they develop can make positive and negative poles, react together to produce electrical energy. It promised that the batteries they developed were different from the one that existed in the market today.

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The development resulted in a lot of improvement. If last year the Quant Supercar electric was introduced to the needs of 700 volts. This year the Quant will be introduced with 750hp 48 volts. Remarkably the voltage drop drastically does not interfere with the performance of the car.

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Just like what you see on the sports car nowadays, Quant 48 VOLT need 2.4 seconds to be able to run from 0-100 km/hr. This hydrogen sports car can even reach the topspeed of 300 km/hour.

In a fully charged fuel, this car can travel a considerable distance for non-gasoline engines. Furthermore, the carmaker dares to guarantee that the car they made produces less nickel than its competitors.

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Quant 48 VOLT is reported to be able to roam up to 1,000 km, making this car more economical than its predecessor such as Quant E which is able to roam up to 598 km, and Quant F which can reach a distance of 800 km.



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Nanoflowcell discovered a cell variable that can be controlled and allows supercapacitors to be reliable for storing energy, regulating current, and lighter. However, supercapacitors are very expensive and relatively heavy. The new breakthrough of Quant 48Volt’s low voltage cell drive is that it is no longer requires supercapacitors.

With the motor made from a solid aluminum net structure in place of copper rolls familiar in the design of electric motors. Nanoflowcell stated that this material would reduce the volume, weight, cost of the motor and make the production simple.

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The success of technological evolution takes a long time. About two and a half years needed to develop. Nanoflowcell finally succeeded in applying nanoscale processes to increase the membrane surface size of cell flow by multiplying the reaction surface several times without sacrificing the compactness of the cells.

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