Northbridge Textures: A Big House with A Sophisticated yet Natural Character

Northbridge Textures 5

Designed by Sandberg Schoffel Architects, Northbridge Textures responds to the location and opportunity of the site: a gently sloping corner block. It is a big house that has a sophisticated yet natural character thanks to the use of a palette of natural materials.


Forms and Textures

Northbridge Textures 1

Northbridge Textures 2

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This house can respond to the site’s location and opportunity with its articulated, textured facade to the main street frontage. On the secondary frontage, the house also turns the corner area to an open private garden.

A combination of materials and forms on the main frontage to the curved stone walls can create a rampart at the corner to turn the building form toward the garden and protect the house from the street.

Behind the street wall, sculptural textures and forms are visible including a woven timber screen. This screen shades the entry and study glazing.



Northbridge Textures 4

Northbridge Textures 5

Northbridge Textures 6

Inside the perimeter wall, the house opens into a large elevated living area. This area faces towards the northeast with awesome water views of Sailors Bay.

There is a swimming pool within a large terrace that runs from the rear around the house’s eastern side, creating a cozy outdoor entertaining area at the house’s upper level.

Within the curved stone walls, the double-storey bedroom wing holds two large bedroom suites. The balance of the bedrooms can be found on the lower floor with a large living area. This living area opens out to the ground-level garden.



Northbridge Textures 7

Northbridge Textures 8

Northbridge Textures 9

Stone, timber, steel, and hand-finished concrete are some of the natural materials used for this project, combined with the landscaping design of native plants, and areas of river rocks. This combination can create a sophisticated yet natural character for the house.


Northbridge Textures Gallery

Photographer: Michael Sandberg

Builder: PLC Group

Landscape Architect: Andrew Leuchars

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