O Residence: An Extraordinary House with A Very Nice Landscape to Enjoy

O Residence 8

Completed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates in 2014, O Residence is a residential project located in Japan. Sits in a central dense urban area of Tokyo, this extraordinary house has its own privilege. It has a pure expression and the surrounding landscape is very nice to enjoy.



O Residence 1

O Residence 2

This house is like 3 box-culverts sitting on top of each other and it also shows a very pure expression through its simple and modern design. With 298 m² of the total area, this house has 12mx9mx9m in size.

The house’s volume is closed except for the one in the facade that overlooks the beautiful green scenery. This facade is totally open to the exterior outside.



O Residence 3

O Residence 4

O Residence 5

A garage can be found on the first floor while LDK is on the second floor. The third floor consists of some private spaces like master and child bedrooms and one bathroom with a bathtub that overlooks the outside nature through a window.

All spaces in this house are connected by a long corridor which is also functioned as a walk-in closet.



O Residence 6

O Residence 7

O Residence 8

A big white minimal space with one counter of 9m long is the LDK in this house. The counter is topped by lamp light on the ceiling. There are also big windows used as an important element to bring different seasonal environments into this house’s interior and give a full expression to the space.

This house’s floors are connected by two stairways. Facing each other, these stairways sit on a narrow but high ceiling space. This house also has an extreme minimal composition to respond to its compact urban setting in the most silent way and seek maximum enjoyment of the beautiful landscape.


O Residence Gallery

Images Source: Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

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