Orchid House by MisoSoupDesign: A Modern House with Sustainable and Innovative Technologies

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In collaboration with National Chiao Tung University, Orchid House is a joint effort of MisoSoupDesign with the National Chiao Tung University Graduate Institute of architecture. The aim of this collaboration is to participate in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 at Versailles, France. It is a modern house designed with a lot of sustainable and innovative technologies.


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Designed for a competition, this awesome modern house offers a comfortable living place with a lot of implementation of sustainable and innovative technologies. These technologies also include a water filter system, water thermal mass, and Green Core. This way can provide the residents of the house to have an easy way of living to do their daily activities.



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The interior of this modern house is dominated by wood that used to design the floors, ceilings, and walls. This kind of interior is also supported by the choice of furniture that made of the same material. The house spaces are elegant where there are not too many decorations used for the interior surface.



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This house also has a balcony where people can sit and enjoy the warm sunlight. In order to bring nature inside the house, there is also a modern garden full of orchid on pots hang on the netting walls that designed especially for plants. These flowers also serve as the house decorative elements that can bring a lot of fresh air into the house.


Orchid House Gallery


Photographer: Solar Decathlon Europe

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