Sony completes the RX0 II with complete connectivity to connect with smartphones. Whether it's for remote control functions or sending photos and videos instantly to a smartphone. As for the price, the Sony RX0 II is priced at $ 699.

The Series A Walkman and WH-H800 h.ear wireless headphones on 2 Kingdom Hearts have started to be marketed on the Sony Japan website. Each product is sold at ¥ 28,880 or around $ 263 and ¥ 24,880  = ~$ 226. Both products are wrapped in special boxes.

Sony A6400 is also designed for vlogging. This can be seen by the presence of a 3-inch touch screen that can be folded 180 degrees upwards. The ability to record videos is also still capable with video recording capabilities up to 4K 100Mbps resolution.

The compact body of the Sony HX99 can still adjust to the control circle around the lens. A flip-up, touchscreen 180 degrees on the back of the camera, while an electronic viewfinder also appears from the top of the camera. The HX99 also uses the touchpad to adjust the focus when using the viewfinder. Bluetooth built-in in the camera can also be used to geotag photos.

Finally, the Customizable Automatic Power Off feature allows users to activate the noise canceling function without having to play songs or connect headphones to the cellphone. Headphones are pretty worn, so the sound from outside will be blocked, and users can rest quietly without having to be accompanied by music.

Sony Wireless Charging WCh20 Dock Design is very compact and great. This accessory has a black doff color. The series of charging dock, WCH20 it will help users to charge their Xperia XZ2 phones easier and faster.

The new SF-G TOUGH detail scope of SD cards are 18 times more grounded than the SD standard with world's first solid structure (one-piece shaping, no vacant space in the card) and materials of high-review hardness, not at all like ordinary SD cards with a thin, 3-section component.

The light source used by this projector is a laser diode and has a brightness level of 100 lumens. This means that the user needs a dark room that is ideal for getting quality images. You can also save content in the Sony LSPX-P1 because this projector has its own internal memory of 4GB.

Throughout the most recent year or something like that, the quantity of genuine wireless earbuds has expanded exponentially. New product maker is flying up with the gadgets constantly and the greater part of the huge names in sound have reported models of their own.

As the pandemic still pushing people to go work from home, the need for a high-end webcam setup is on an all-time high. Elgato as one of the most prominent product-maker is jumping on the trend wagon with Elgato Facecam.

Even though laptops are equipped with a webcam to support conferencing or video calls, the image quality is most of the time is upsetting. Dell saw this opportunity and presents Dell Ultrasharp Webcam which promises a much better image quality.

Leica is a premium when it comes to photography. So when the company decided to boost the specs of the Leitz Phone 1, you know that the smartphone is going to be premium.