Pleasant Rd Townhouses: Two, Side-by-Side Townhouses with Different Heights

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Located in Hawthorn East, Pleasant Rd Townhouses is a challenging project in designing townhouses. Two, side-by-side townhouses are built at different heights to provide a sense of difference but still read as a single entity as well.



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There is always a set of challenges when it comes to constructing two townhouses on a typical quarter-acre suburban block.

In order to fit within the existing streetscape, each townhouse has to be defined as a single entity with its own identity.

A townhouse is popular amongst families with older children so master bedrooms downstairs inside a townhouse are a must, including two separate living spaces and a modern kitchen. A townhouse also needs to have low maintenance, secure, and ample storage.



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The first floors are set towards the front of the block and in from the side boundaries to allow the higher ceilings on the ground floor towards the rear. This also includes preventing neighbors’ overshading. The setbacks also can allow natural light to enter the building interior through the highlight skylights and windows.

The authority services, study windows, front door, and garage are covered in lightweight aluminum batten screening that can create cleaner lines with metal cladding and low maintenance.



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Via openable stacker doors, the new living area can open up towards the garden. These doors can allow for natural ventilation, sunlight to penetrate into the living spaces, and the backyard to be connected with the house as well.



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Texture and subtle variety can be provided by choosing the materials carefully. This variety also can create different moods and give each space its’ own unique individuality.

Careful selection of materials is also in particular with the selection of floor finishes, light fittings, and tiles for the wall and floor.


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Photography: Tatjana Plitt Photography