Polestar Precept: Sometimes, They All Come Together. At Polestar, That’s Just Happened.

Polestar Precept 10

Volvo’s electric vehicle division, Polestar, introduces a real version of the EV concept sedan, Precept, with an alluring shape that combines sharp lines, dynamic surfaces, thin side mirrors, and suicide doors in the middle.

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In the structure of Polestar’s plans, the manufacturer will focus on three areas. The first is electrification technology, which will affect the exterior shape especially the profile, which is affected by the absence of the engine in the front area, space that can be given to passengers and storage.

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The second is infotainment. In-car information and entertainment presentation system. Polestar Precept became the first brand to collaborate with Google in this field, for the operating system that underlies vehicles and integrated digital assistants.

Polestar Precept 3

The system can recognize sound to help choose music and navigation, lighting, sitting position, and air conditioning. The latest technology such as an interface system that can read movements and track the position of the driver’s eyeballs to determine when, where, and the right time to present and prioritize information.

Polestar Precept 5

The third area is stability. For this Precept concept, Polestar makes some interesting steps by embedding ampliTex material, a natural fiber composite which is the right material because it has a 50% lightening rate than normal plastic panels, and has stiffness and lightweight compared to carbon fiber.

Polestar Precept 4

The decision let Polestar reduce overall plastic usage in vehicles by up to 80%. Interestingly, all seat materials are made from recycled plastic bottles combined with vegan (vinyl) leather made from recycled cork from the wine industry, in particular.

Polestar Precept 1

On the front, Polestar Precept has a headlight in the form of the letter ‘L’. Interestingly, the Polestar designer gave four LED Daytime Running Lights which are also shaped like the letter ‘L’ and placed under the headlights and the rest are placed on the front bumper.

Polestar Precept 7

Polestar also announced that there is a system called SmartZone which is a combination of various systems, such as cameras, autonomous systems, and many more.

Polestar Precept 12

While on the back, there are LED lights that run across from the right side to the left side of the car. And if the concept car is seen from the side, then the C pillar line looks more like a sports coupe.

Polestar Precept 2

The precept is equipped with a 15-inch vertical touch screen and a 12.5-inch driver screen. This screen is supported by Android Auto. This car infotainment comes with a dynamic digital interface, including proximity sensors and eye-tracking.

Polestar Precept 10

This car also has a dual radar sensor, a height gauge camera at the front, a lidar sensor on the windshield of the car, a side mirror-based camera, and a digital screen that is connected to a wide-angle camera on the back of the car.

Polestar Precept 8

The company is still disclosing the information for the electric motor and the battery capacity. The Polestar Precept will be available by summer 2021.

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