Sand Point Residence: A Complete Renovation with An Open Concept Plan

Sand Point Residence 5

Designed by Coates Design Architects, Sand Point Residence is a complete renovation project located in Seattle, Washington. For a dramatic change, an open concept plan is created by raising ceilings and removing walls.


Sand Point Residence 5

Sand Point Residence 1

Sand Point Residence 2

Before the renovation, the house lacked a central space for the family members to congregate naturally. It was confining and uncomfortable for the client. For a dramatic change and to create an open plan concept, the design team removes the walls and raises the ceilings.



Sand Point Residence 3

Sand Point Residence 4

A sense of light and spaciousness and a new focal space can be created thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and 13-foot ceilings. This focal space becomes a family gathering for the client.

In order to reduce utility bills and create efficient use of energy, radiant floor heating is installed. This home glows like a lantern at night, embodying a strong sense of openness and warmth.

Throughout the design process, Asian influences are also used to create awesome feelings of tranquility and serenity. The final result is a living place with a truly comfortable atmosphere.


Sand Point Residence Gallery

Photographer: Matthew Coates