SmartCine: An all-in-one video rig for any smartphone

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It’s YouTube era! claimed one of Google’s top brass echelon when they announced for the first time that the search company acquired the video sharing platform that had changed the fate of many millennials and provided new directions in the development of the digital era.

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The impact is clearly noticed at developments in smartphone technology that increasingly focusing their gadgets on the results taken through their cameras. Additional accessories to add to the aesthetics of images and video and smartphone imagery are also becoming increasingly extensive.

One of the new players on the block who are ready to help the Youtuber in beautifying and adding to the professionalism of their shooting result is SmartCine which developed by Movo Photo. SmartCine is a versatile tool for your smart phone. There are professional stereo microphones, LED light rings and a set of wide-angle lenses in one complete package.

The main goal of SmartCine is to improve the quality of videos and audio that can be recorded by smartphones. SmartCine uses selected materials that are strong and not easily damaged, so they can be used for a long time. The handle that is equipped with rubber makes SmartCine hold firmly and does not fall easily.

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This accessory will also be very helpful for recording images and videos where there is minimal light due to the help of the LED light ring that has three options from low, medium to high plus you will get 4 hours of steady and soothing light for every need. There are various kinds of lenses for various needs, ranging from wide angle to fisheye which will not only help enhance the results but also sparks the inner professionalism.

Regardless of where you are or what story you’re advising, you can catch each minute of it with true to life quality rapidly, easily, and advantageously. The startup that owns SmartCine is putting the tag of $ 50 for the super early bird option on Kickstarter.

The SmartCine includes the following features:

  • Universal smartphone rig
  • Built-in LED light ring
  • Interchangeable wide-angle and fisheye lenses
  • Choose between the SmartCine Stereo Mic or the SmartCine Wireless Lavalier Mic


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