Smiths Lake House: A Weekend House Consists of Living and Sleeping Pavilions

Smiths Lake House 3

Located on a sloping site above Smiths Lake, Smiths Lake House is a residential project of a weekend house designed by Sandberg Schoffel Architects. This house is divided into two pavilions, one for living and another one for sleeping.



Smiths Lake House 2

Smiths Lake House 3

Smiths Lake House 4

Smiths Lake House 5

Smiths Lake House 6

The pavilions in this project step down the sloping site and are connected by a butterfly roof-covered stair. The goal of this project is to create a luxuriously simple getaway with a low-cost, low-impact solution to a sensitive location.



Smiths Lake House 7

Smiths Lake House 8

Smiths Lake House 9

Smiths Lake House 10

Smiths Lake House 11

Besides a butterfly roof-covered stair, the roof is also another highlight of this house. The roof is completed with fire protection sprinklers to cool the house with collected rainwater. This protection is necessary to minimize fire damage because this project sits on a site within a flame zone bushfire area.


Smiths Lake House Gallery

Photographer: Michael Sandberg

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