Top House: A Two-Bedroom Home with A Connection to the Gardens

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Designed by Strachan Group Architects, Top House is an award-winning project located in New Zealand. It is a two-bedroom with a connection to the gardens and a good level of privacy. This awesome house is designed for a professional couple with two children.


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The site of this house is a west-facing elevated volcanic rock shelf surrounded by early 20th century villas & bungalows, in the rear yard of an Mt Eden bungalow. A stunning view over the roof of the house towards Eden Park to the west can be presented thanks to the site’s elevation.



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The brief of this project is to create a two-bedroom home where one of which is designed as a flexible room that can be used as guest accommodation or a study. This room can maximize the site’s potential, including providing a connection to the gardens and a good level of privacy.



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The entry of this house is used as an extension to the main living space. With stepping bays, a level of complexity in the plan arrangement can imbue a series of inter-connected yet defined spaces with a spacious feeling



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With its fold-down desk and shelving, the flexible study or bedroom bay window expands the useful space of the house. There is also a slot window that frames the awesome western view while glazed sliding doors can allow this useful space to expand into the living area when the bed and desk are folded down.

A combined bathroom laundry and the main bedroom can be found in the south and eastern quadrants, sheltered beneath a single folded roof plane. The birch-lined ceiling invites the morning sun to enter the house.

With a limited, birch & white color palette, the extensive built-in furniture and cabinetry are designed well to maintain a feeling of space and light and maximize the efficiencies of the space.


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Photography: Strachan Group Architects

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