The Reasons Why Vintage Bicycle Cost a Lot More than You Think

Stunning Vintage Bicycle Design (55)

A vintage bicycle can cost a fortune! Here are some of the reasons why it is now priced at a ridiculous rate.


Antiques have never lost interest among collectors. Every time, there are always people who want to buy these items at high prices.

One of the most sought-after antiques is a bicycle. Even though it sounds silly, antique bikes can be sold at prices that are equivalent to today’s cars. For example, the 1885 Rudge “Kangaroo” high wheel was sold for $32.000 in an auction while the 1892 Telegram bicycle was sold for $27.000.

Those ridiculous prices are not that ridiculous if you know why collectors are always looking for them. Here is some insight for you.

It Is Easy to Repair and Maintains

Unlike other antique transportation modes such as cars or motorbikes that require a lot of money to keep it looks good, bicycles are very easy to repair and maintain.

Most antique bikes still have a nice and strong frame. You only need to replace a few small things like tires and bicycle chains. For metal frames, you may need to spray anti-rust liquid to keep it looking smooth and shiny.

It has much more History than Other Form of Transportations

Bicycles have a much longer history than motorized vehicles. This fact is one of the pluses that makes the collectors would spend a lot of money to have them.

Bicycles can also picture the social conditions of the people in a particular era. For example, a bicycle with a high handlebar stem was very popular in 1890 because a lot of woman in that time use tight clothing around their chest area.

It is Unique and Beautiful

Vintage bicycle design is known to have high artistic value. The design that always changes from time to time makes this object has its charm among the antique lovers.

Some of the most popular vintage bicycle designs are the 1960 Bowden “Spacelander”, 1937 Elgin Bluebird, and C. 1870’s child’s Boneshaker. These bicycles are known to worth between $7000 to $20.000 in today’s antique market.


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