Xpeng P7: Sporty. Smart. Evolutionary

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Xpeng P7, a sport sedan that Xpeng Motors claims to be an electric car that has the furthest cruising distance in the market. In a single battery charge, the car can go to a distance of up to 706 kilometers, where electric cars, in general, are only able to cover a distance of 600 km.

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The Xpeng P7 Sport Sedan features a Smart Electric Platform Architecture with NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier, NVIDIA’s most advanced autonomous vehicle chip. Then in terms of the vehicle processors, Xpeng P7 is utilizing chip from Qualcomm.

The Xpeng P7 also has a XPILOT 3.0 driver assistance system, which can be upgraded to XPILOT 4.0. The car also has been supported by 12 ultrasonic sensors, 13 autonomous driving cameras, 5 5th generation Bosch radars and 1 in-car camera that is positioned in high precision and produces HD resolution maps.

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Inside the cabin, the Xpeng P7 has a smart cockpit that is equipped with a wide, lightweight instrument panel, high quality ambient audiovisual, luxurious layers of detail, and a concert hall level quality sound system.

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Audiovisual on the Xpeng P7 contains 47 sensing devices and 50 human interaction devices with cars and has been supported by more than 30 teraflops of computing power. The sound system is equipped with Dynaudio Confidence top-level 18-speakers with ambient lighting to create an immersive atmosphere.

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Moving on to the frame development, Xpeng Motors adopted the Porsche Engineering in preparing the Xpeng P7. The order was set by a joint professional team from China and Germany.

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While on the safety sector, the electric sports sedan has achieved a 5-star safety rating from NCAP China, with a continuous damp control (CDC) feature and a Brembo braking system.

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Xpeng P7 is the first production electric car that embedded the Alibaba Mini Program in its car. It also comes with a Bluetooth virtual key or so-called NFC digital key. The key will be embedded in electronic devices such as cellphones, smartwatches, and smartwatch from Xiaomi.

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Electronic products from Xiaomi were chosen because Xpeng recently introduced Xiaomi Corporation as its new strategic investor. The company also managed to raise 400 million US dollars in the Series C fundraising on its debut.

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The Xpeng P7 unit will be distributed through the Xpeng retail network. As for the battery charging infrastructure, Xpeng has prepared more than 200 charging stations spread across 30 cities and plans to continue to increase to 1,000 charging stations in the next three years.

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The Chinese start-up car was first introduced at the Guangzhou International Automotive exhibition in November 2019. The Xpeng P7 will be marketed with a tag of ¥ 240,000~370,000 depending on the configuration of its features.

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According to the information from the official website of Xpeng Motors, the Xpeng P7 has been ordered by 15,431 consumers since it was launched. If everything goes right, the electric sports sedan will begin shipping to its consumers in the second quarter of 2020.

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