Y House by Steven Holl Architects: A Y-Formed House with Red Steel Framing and Roof

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In collaboration with a local architect, Peter Liaunig, Steven Holl Architects has been completed a residential project in 1999 called Y House. This unique house is located in Catskill and designed in a Y form, splitting to form two arms and ending in balconies. The steel framing and roof are iron-oxide red, completed with white interiors and stained cedar siding.


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This unique house sits on a hilltop site in a remote section of the Catskill Mountains and ascends this hill. The Y form of the house splits to form two arms that ending in the balconies. This form also draws the sun into the middle of the house and cuts a slice of the sky.

Just like a found forked stick, this house makes a primitive mark on its vast site. The house geometry contains a sectional flip of private or public and night or day with living above and bedrooms below.



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The wall hanging space is maximized to accommodate the contemporary art collection. This awesome space is balanced with windows to frame the stunning views. The house’s deep balconies that facing the south acts as passive solar devices to allow the sun in winter to penetrate the house interiors, excluding the hot summer sun as well.

The steel framing and roof of this house are iron-oxide red while the interiors are designed in white with ash floors and completed with stained cedar siding.


Y House Gallery


Photography: Steven Holl Architects

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