Opel Rocks-e has been officially introduced. In addition to a unique design, this tiny electric car is claimed to be able to meet the needs of any modern consumer in urban areas.

All of this is available in the Corsa-e Selection model for 29,900 euros. From the deducted 6570 euros environmental premium, then the electric Corsa costs 23,330 euros.

The main goal or main intention of the designers is creating a drone concept design which is easy to be recognized by all people. This drone will be easy to be used for both professional and also the amateur well.

Although it is not as sexy as the growth of electric cars, the electrification phase in two wheels has also begun to wriggle. And since the high-end corporates still playing shadow on the market, some of the newly founded businesses are able to supply the Best Electric Motorcycles in 2021.

The automotive world is heading towards electrification at a super-fast rate. Tesla's valuation value, which is claimed to have passed several high-end carmakers such as Toyota and VW, has pushed lots of companies to turn towards the hype train.

Practical considerations and being able to bulldoze congestion quickly, a go green lifestyle, energy saving, affordable, as well as health factors that underlie cycling activities, are attractive alternatives for urban communities. Bikemakers then convert this particular interest by inventing various commuter bikes that are available in numerous price ranges. The features of some of these commuter e-bikes are also very different from one another.

The main means of transportation for humans today are cars and motorbikes. However, VanMoof is planning to alter the statement in the near future with the release of VanMoof V. The company dubbed the newly presented product the first hyperbike with a speed of 50 km per hour.

Archer Aviation, an electric flying taxi startup, recently launched its first eVTOL urban aerial vehicle Maker. Not only did the company release the first photos and more details at the launch, but it also announced that it would complete its first test flight in the fourth quarter of this year and launch mass production in 2022.

Would you ever have thought you wanted a mouse that wicks away the sweat of your palm? Ready or not, here is Zephyr Pro. The mouse produced by Marsback is the enhanced version and successor of the Zephyr, born as a project on Kickstarter and released in 2020.

Sony has finally officially announced its first drone, dubbed Airpeak S1. The professional-grade drone is packing a series of advanced technologies that will set a new standard in its class.

UK-based Cranfield Aerospace Solution has set a mission to turn the nine-seat Britten-Norman aircraft into the first electric-powered aircraft in the UK. No details on the future of the Her0 Zero, but for sure, it is the right step toward cutting emissions from the industry.

Aurora Powertrains is already planning the Touring Long Range variation for their next move but what's important is that we can all agree that the electric snowmobiles are the best way to travel and spare the nature simultaneously.