B48 House by Holz Architekten: A Two-Story Construction with A Flat or Monopitch Roof

B48 House By Holz Architekten 6

The new two-story construction of a single-family house has been completed by Holz Architekten in 2018. B48 House is located in a new development area in Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany, providing a two-story construction with a flat or mono-pitch roof. The construction is determined by a heterogeneous development with single-family houses.


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The house was built on the approx. 600 m2 plot and it combines a south-facing orientation’s advantages with the nearby Teck Castle view. The building is moved far to the north, forming an angled opening to the south and garden which encompasses the outside terrace.

B48 House By Holz Architekten 2

This house looks closed and mysterious to the street with a horizontal and a vertical offset structure the facade only that determined by the vertical wooden strips and anthracite-colored plaster. The garage and front door disappear behind the homogeneous plinth cladding under the protruding in the upper floor while the garden view to the south is glazed and showing all uses and qualities and the inner structure of the residential building.



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Flowing transitions are used to define the house ground floor between the entrance area and the living area, dining, and lower kitchen. This house also has a two-story open space that emphasizes the public area where the guests are received. In the one-story area, the living area is a more intimate area that becomes a place of retreat for the family.

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B48 House By Holz Architekten 6

The entrance area is connected to the upper floor by an exposed concrete staircase. This staircase leads to the parents’ area and children’s room including a bedroom, bathroom, and dressing room. The stairs are made in a scene by a sloping, gold-colored wall and illuminated by incident daylight from the skylight above.



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Bricked as a solid construction in monolithic brick construction, this house is large without a thermal insulation composite system. Wood is used as flooring for the rooms inside, combined with the exposed concrete ceilings and white plastered walls to give a warm, homely atmosphere. The individual colored walls are also used to set some accents in the living room of the house.


B48 House Gallery


Photographer: Zooey brown

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